Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate process control and risk management?

Absolutely. The architectural shift aligned for the Access Controls system allows the GRC products to co-exist in the same system. You can activate the Access Controls, Process Controls and Risk Management modules in the same system and share common master data elements between them, to produce a much more tightly integrated solution. The user interface is the same and is dynamic, based upon your authorisations. Simply adding the authorisations for the required modules from all of the systems, allows you to access both Process Controls and Access Controls from the same

What does service delivery look like in the beginning? How does it change as we progress through the program?

Your program will be executed and managed by a dedicated team of GRC professionals, all with specific domain expertise.

Trial Period:We start with a trial period designed to quickly on-board an effective baseline capability, such as issue management. The trial period is intended to ensure low overhead entry into your organisation over a period of a few months, allowing you to observe, engage in the process handoffs and evaluate the outputs. After completion of the trial period, we can evaluate your overall program performance and decide what direction is required in moving forward with additional solutions for GRC management. Project Normalisation (ongoing):In this phase, we begin to mature your GRC programs through a process of continuous improvement. We work to build in structured methodologies and best practice, integrating your outsourced programs with your complete enterprise risk function. We also work to centralise and on-board additional GRC areas, as the capabilities continue to increase and more value is driven out of the program.
Do program costs increase as additional GRC areas are added to the overall score?

Most likely so. However, the spend increase is so minimal that we’ve never actually received pushback on the pricing. The economy of scale with GRC as a Service (GRCaaS) is a major contributor to our incredible journey

Are your services cost-effective?

Yes. GRC as a Service (GRCaaS) can cut your GRC program operating costs by 75% or more, and you probably don’t have to lay off resources post implementation to get there. GRCaaS has never failed to improve the effectiveness and continuity of a previously existing, internally managed, GRC function. Our reputation for cost savings, program improvement and high-quality output is unblemished.

Do you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Yes. We sign non-disclosure agreements and service level agreements for every customer.

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