The manufacturing sector is very expansive and includes micro, small, medium and large manufacturing units. This sector includes light, medium and heavy industries, with various types of machineries involved in them. Without a doubt, this sector provides a livelihood to zillions of people, mainly blue-collared workers.

Irrespective of its size, the manufacturing company would strive to meet the expectations of the existing customers as well as earn new customers, through deliverance of quality products on time. This is possible only when the manufacturing company has an effective governance, risk and compliance (GRC) structure in place.

Basing on the discretion and policies of the management, the manufacturing company will have its own business and operating standards. This is usually an endeavour to ensure hassle-free production process and delivery of goods and products to the customers.

GRC StackTMassists the manufacturing sector with proper implementation of management policies. It also helps in mitigating, minimising and avoiding all possible risks through our comprehensive Integrated Risk Management (IRM) System. Our application also helps the management of the manufacturing company to be wholly compliant with the stipulations, rules and policies put forth by the government, statutory authorities and the management itself.

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