Easy identification, evaluation, and control of
operational risks

Operational Risk Management Solution

GRC StackTM’s Operational Risk Management Solution (ORMS) provides professionals with flexible methodologies and tools to aid in the identification, evaluation, monitoring and control of operational risks. It also streamlines the operational risk management process across the enterprise. Risks include internal risks such as a loss caused by inadequate internal processes or systems or poor employee behaviour, or external risks such as cyber-attacks, frauds, catastrophic events and non-compliance with regulatory guidelines. It does not, however, include strategic or financial risks. The effects of these risks are pervasive and deal with functions such as vendor management, risk management, human resources and audits, and so on..

Although it is challenging to understand and manage the various operational risks faced by an organisation. GRC StackTM’s ORM solution enhances the risk identification and assessment processes of your organisation by offering multi-level risk and control libraries that help define and control operational risks. It gives you frequent analytic reports on risk evaluation that makes the mining and depiction of data easier and more relevant. This, in turn, enables better decision-making, lesser financial losses, and helps you successfully avoid penalties and reputational damage. Trust GRC StackTM to replace time-consuming manual ORM processes with highly automated workflows at your organisation.

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