Real Estate

Real Estate – a perennially booming sector

The real estate sector, which provides housing solutions mainly to urbanites, has been seeing a perennial boom in the last three decades. With construction, exterior and interior designing within its ambit, the real estate sector is growing exponentially.

GRC StackTMsolution for real estate caters to the need of the dealers of a wide range of construction components, interior and exterior building products. It provides an integrated and streamlined approach to enable the dealers, sub-dealers, contractors and retail clientele to effectively manage the challenges, quality and compliance issues. Our solution provides role-based task lists, dashboards and helps in recognising issues related to material requirement, quality, time constraint and implements remedial actions.

Our solution helps to automate and implement industry’s best practice in Governance, Risk management and Compliance. In addition, it keeps a track of sales, work orders, dispatch and finance, and provides innovative and powerful solutions to meet the business requirement. GRC StackTMsolution for real estate helps optimising logistics and value added processes to meet the competitive challenges. It provides real-time information through reports and provides integrated solution for dispatch, document imaging, CRM, thus enhancing the quality of the service given to the customer. Our solution dynamically links all projects, surveys, assessments, incidents, attestations, audits, tasks and contracts directly to laws, regulations, standards and guidelines to minimise the risk and compliance issues.

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