End-to-end supply chain transparency to
simplify supply process management

Third Party Management Solutions

GRC StackTM’s Third Party Management Solution enables you to monitor and scrutinise dealings with all parties other than the manufacturers with which it has a relationship. This may include both contractual and non-contractual parties. This is important for the proper assessment and management of performance and risks that a third-party may pose to the organisation.

Areas of scrutiny include supplier and vendor information management, corporate and social responsibility compliance, supplier risk management, vendor risks, anti-bribery/anti-corruption (ABAC) compliance, performance measurement and contract risk management. It ensures quick and frequent risk assessments to avoid third-party risk incidents while making it easier to understand and manage these risks. It captures and monitors performance data and sets up remedial plans until performance problems are resolved, as well as improves business and market analyses. Enjoy end-to-end supply chain transparency with GRC StackTM!

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