The transportation and travel industry is a dynamic sector that has changed significantly with global economic conditions and international trade flows. The emerging uncertain global environment is driving companies to visualise the existing frameworks, processes and systems for the logistics management of transport and travel. Customer expectations, changing technology and regulations serve as factors for changes in regulatory laws, thus creating new challenges and opportunities at every step.

The future prosperity of the transportation sector depends on its capacity and approach to evolution. Individuals working in this industry have to comply with large volumes of standards and mandates, governance issues from physical security to environmental responsibility. The industry also has to deal with the issues related to the measurement of freight, antitrust, global competition, conflicts of interest, fraud, corruption, bribery and many more.

GRC StackTM aids cost reduction through synchronisation and information sharing between traders and service providers, enhancing supply chain integration and customer satisfaction. Our solutions also provide companies with support for warehouse risks as well as the workplace health and safety requirements.

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